Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cooking With Pumpkins

Steamy pumpkin and broccoli paella.

Having harvested over 120 kgs of pumpkin this year Joe, Samantha and Andres rose to the challenge of producing an exciting range of pumpkin dishes for our guests. This photo-blog tells the story.

We grew 2 types of pumpkin this year; the Potamarron type which weigh 2 to 3 kg each, as seen above, just before harvest

This is the Marina type which is very high yielding and produced various 15 kg pumpkins. Here Susie helped carry one from the vegetable garden to the kitchen.

And the dishes:

Pumpkin poached in white wine and served cold with a cream and black pepper dressing.

Pumpkin and cauliflower crumble

Roast pumpkin and roast garlic pate served as a small appetizer

Pumpkin and rosemary quiche

Pumpkin pie done with muscavodo sugar (outstanding)

Roast pumpkin and courgette salad.

Over 100 kilos of pumpkins still waiting to be cooked, so more recipes needed!

Pumpkin croquettes

Roast pumpkin and roast garlic soup

Pumpkin and cardamom jam (thanks Helen for the recipe)

Pumpkin muffins

Despite such creativity and serving many different scrumptious pumpkin dishes each night, we’ve ended up putting quite a lot of pumpkins into storage as well as giving some to friends.

Lesson; hope they store well or plant less pumpkins next year!


Coco said...

If you really have too many to use you can feed them (or just the insides) to the sheep. Some say the seeds have de-worming properties. As always, smaller quantities at first to avoid bloat.

Everything looks delicious!

barefootinvermont said...

Wow, this entry made me so hungry remembering those delicious dishes! I just made a pumpkin pie this week for American Thanksgiving. I was thinking of you, Joe! Mmm, pie.


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