Sunday, 3 February 2013

Enjoying the hay!

Preparing the hay is very definitely the hardest job on the farm. You’re out sweating under the hot sun; cutting, turning and moving the hay, and there are always those itchy bits of grass that get down your back or in your shoes. 

Preparing hay

Raking hay ready for baling
Then you rake the hay over and over again looking for bits of prickly unpalatable weeds and getting scratched in the process. I guess it’s no wonder that many a time during the hay harvest I ask myself; do the sheep really appreciate all the trouble we go to so as to make them such nice hay?

Moving the straw bales

Stacking the bales of hay in the stable
Then the cold wet days of winter come and the sheep are often left nibbling unenthusiastically at the nutrient deficient bare pastures. That’s when I go into the stable where the bales of straw were nicely stacked in the summer and spread a bale of hay into the sheep’s feeding frame. Then it’s time to stand back and watch the sheep munching on the hay with a satisfied smile on their face and that’s when I feel satisfied too, knowing that all that hard work harvesting the hay really is appreciated.

Happy sheep and this is when you realise all the work has been worth while

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful part of the world. Love looking at the pictures. And I'm sure the sheep appreciate your efforts. :-)


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